Bikram Yoga

  The most renowned style of exercise and fitness now a days is Yoga. There are many classifications f this form of exercise. Various schools have come up with their own unique styles of attaining…[Read More..]

Eye Yoga

Image by RON SOMBILON MEDIA, ART and PHOTOGRAPHY   Eye Yoga One of the best benefits of exercise is that it reduces stress. Our bodies react to stress the same today as our ancestors did…[Read More..]

Yoga Benefits: Knowin the Health Benefits

The ancient science of Yoga has become increasingly popular all across the globe, in the recent years. This is because there are numerous benefits that are associated with the different disciplines of yoga. Yoga health…[Read More..]

Asthanga Yoga

Image by Wonderlane Asthanga Yoga The asthanga yoga is a stream of Yoga which is based on the principle of synchronizing one’s breath with various physical postures. This helps to produce heat and eventually profuse…[Read More..]

Beginner’s Yoga

Image by lululemon athletica Wrap Pant -A low rise/ straight leg pant ideal for your practice -Certified organically grown cotton was used to make this garment -Smooth waistband for comfort -Naturally breathable -Preshrunk -Chafe resistant…[Read More..]