An Introduction of Yoga

An Introduction of Yoga

    Maybe almost everyone has heard something about Yoga, which is a kind of sport that will bring benefits to your body, your mental and your health. Living at such a modern society, everyone burdens great pressure, tired and exhausted, I think everyone here needs some methods to relax your body and bath your mind, therefore you will have enough power to go on.

    Yoga owns a long history, actually it can be said that Yoga existed before human has the ability to write down what has happened around them everyday. Over 2000 years ago, Patanjali had made Yoga systemized, writing down the book named Yoga Sutra, just the famous Ashtanga Yoga or Eight Limbs Yoga, which contains complete philosophy and knowledge about Yoga, totally owning 196 sections of scriptures.

     There is one saying in Yoga Sutra like: Yoga Cittavrtti Nirodha. This sentence is a Sanskrit Motto, which explains the essence of Yoga: Yoga, Citta, Vrtti, Nirodha. There are 50 kinds of gland in human body, regarding the big gland, the small gland, the main gland and the auxiliary gland. A kind of gland controls a kind of emotion in human body, such as anger, fairness, shyness etc. Therefore the meaning of the motto is to teach everyone the method of controlling emotion by his awareness through Yoga practice. Yoga Sutra, created by Patanjali, which is regarded as the most authorization and the most classical work about Yoga by all the Yoga institutions and school in the world.

    According to the record on Yoga Sutra, there are many different practice methods of Yoga. The book Hathapradipika, by SwamiSvatmarama, has stated the Eight Limbs in details, that’s eight steps for you to be harmonious at the spirit of human and universe:

Yoga: be mercy, non-greedy, upright, pure, not bounded by desire etc.
Niyama: the idea includes pure mind and body, content, restraint, learn the knowledge from     the old wisdom, as well as keep a loyal heart to God
Asana: stable and comfortable geature
Pranayama: breath control and energy process
Pratyahara: voice mediation practice and sensory convergence are the preparatory work for concentration practice
Dharana: to enhance the breath of life by being concentrated, which is the preparatory work for mediation.
Dhyana: namely mediation, in order to enhance the breath of life
Samadhi: beyong the level of consciousness, when your body and your sensor are still, it seems asleep, while your mind keeps alert, and you are conscious


     Hatha Yoga is a branch of Yoga, which is the most popular method of Yoga recently. Over a gradual development process of over 5000 years, adding the traditional oral teaching method, Yoga, extensive and profound, results in the uncertainty in teaching. Thus there emerge different branches of Hatha Yoga and different names for the same gesture. Although there are still some principles to follow up for most Yoga branches, just some difference in teaching method, emphasis and practice. But the main role is still ‘Yoga’. Due to the difference in hobbies, ages, physiques and characters, you should choose the best suitable Yoga branch for practice. The following are two main branches of Hatha Yoga:

1. Ananda Yoga: the branch thinks that the practice in body and mind have the same importance. You should be cleared and enhance energy, making an adequate preparation for mediation. With the affirmation in your mind for continuous times, every Yoga gesture will widen and improve self-awareness. Another feature of Ananda Yoga is Energization Exercises, requiring one part of your body strung and relaxed repeatedly, companying with breath method, and then taking the energy to the part. It emphasized the extreme relaxation of your body, thus you can make a good preparation for mediation.

2. Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga, also named Power Yoga, which mostly emphasizes the physical power of Hatha Yoga. It owns 240 Yoga gestures, breathing by six groups of action units, in order to improve caloric power and enhance your physical strength. Due to strength, flexibility and stamina have the same importance, thus this kind of Yoga is deeply loved by athletes.

    The above is just a brief introduction of Yoga, hoping it can help you for your Yoga practice. Sometimes you may think that is too difficult for mediation, maybe some music will do you a favor. Usually when I practiced, with my laptop from ( ) singing, it is really enjoyable and will make you totally relaxed. Hope my suggestion will help you for the practice of Yoga.

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