Learn proper yoga etiquette before starting yoga and meditation

Learn proper yoga etiquette before starting yoga and meditation

For the last 5000 years, the ancient art of yoga has been in practice. The myriad physical, mental as well as spiritual benefits of yoga is well known. Yoga is like a boon to the mankind. Since antiquity, human beings have been reaping the benefits of yoga and living a blissful life. Even in this ‘golden age of science’ and ultra-modern technology, the phenomenal popularity of yoga is still growing, all over the world. An increasing number people practice different forms of yoga. From the soul awakening Kundalini yoga to the simple breathing exercises like Pranayama, people are practicing yoga for a better life. In the ancient era, yoga gurus used to train their disciples how to practice yoga properly. But nowadays, a yoga DVD can be a great guide for a yoga aspirant. A yoga DVD can make a great guide for someone who wants to learn and practice yoga at home, all by ownself. Various yoga DVDs are available at the market. The well-known online music company, Spirit Voyage, also has a vast range of yoga and meditation CDs and DVDs for such aspirants who want to practice yoga at home. This company also has a vast collection yoga music and meditation music collection which one can incorporate while practicing yoga or meditation. Yoga DVDs are for those who cannot find time for attaining a yoga class regularly due to their busy work schedule. But, it is better to find a good yoga instructor or else join a yoga class. A good and experienced yoga instructor will guide the practitioner in practicing yoga properly as well as teach him/her how to do the different yoga poses and postures. But, before an aspirant joins a yoga class, it is better to know few do’s and don’ts or in other words, yoga class etiquette. Here are some basic guidelines which one can follow in a yoga class. Yoga must be practiced with an empty stomach. So, one should not have a heavy meal like lunch or dinner atleast two hours before the yoga class. Be on time, and if possible arrive 5-10 minutes before the session begins. The best time to practice yoga is 3 hours after a heavy meal and 2 hours after a light meal. Leave your shoes and turn off the cell phone before entering the class. Keep your quiet while the class is in progress. Your noise can disrupt the concentration of the other practitioners as well as the whole environment of the class. Be clean and barefoot in the class. Wear clean and light yoga clothes as well as keep your yoga mats clean. Pay attention to what the instructor is teaching. And the most important of all, do not skip Savasana or the Corpse pose after doing all the asanas, pranayamas and dhyana. Nowadays, yoga instructors also play some soothing yoga music in the yoga sessions as the music increases the concentration level. Listening to the soulful meditation music also gives the same benefit. Spirit Voyage has everything to make your yoga experience blissful. Apart from the yoga music and meditation music collection, Spirit Voyage also offers Kundalini yoga music CDs, yoga books, various yoga accessories like yoga rugs or meditation cushions that will make yoga sessions comfortable and trouble-free. Ultra Light Travel Yoga Mat, Tantric yoga mat, Cosmic cushion, Zafu Inflatable Cushion are some of the yoga accessories which will perfectly complement your yoga session. Yoga Music CDs and DVDs, Yoga clothes and yoga accessories like Yoga Mats, Yoga Rugs all will aptly complement your yoga session. With Spirit Voyage, enrich yourself and experince a spiritual insight.

The author writes for Spirit Voyage which is an online yoga music store, offering various CDs and DVDs for practicing Kundalini Yoga and other yoga forms. Spirit Voyage also offers different kinds of yoga clothes and yoga accessories such as yoga rugs, meditation cushions and yoga mats


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