Moksha Edmonton Yoga Studio Review

Moksha Edmonton Yoga Studio Review

Moksha Edmonton Yoga Studio

Moksha Edmonton Yoga Review: I was first introduced into hot yoga in 2007 in Vancouver after one of my friends came back raving about it. I was into yoga, but only bikram at the time. It was my favorite of them all, even though I had never tried Moksha. After the first time trying it, even before I went to the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio, I knew I was instantly hooked! I knew I would never go back to another regular yoga studio again. What a rush it was.

After moving to Edmonton in Sept 2009, the first place we went to was the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio, Wow! I went to Moksha in Vancouver but it was never like this. I always had this idea that all hot yoga would be the same, but it was not. The Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio was something special. When you first walked in, you really felt the positive energy flowing around you. I also really like the friendly yoga instructors too. Our first instructor was Angela, and was her class ever amazing. She had a very soothing and calming voice that really helped you relax. She had the room hotter than I had ever experienced before. but I loved it. Ever since that first class at the Moksha Yoga Edmonton Studio, I have never looked at any other hot yoga studios in Edmonton!

Moksha Edmonton Yoga Studio Cork Flooring


I really liked the cork flooring in the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio, it apparently helps with fighting off bacteria. That’s a bonus, especially when you are doing hot yoga, it’s a bacteria heaven if you don’t keep it clean. You could tell they really kept the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio superbly clean.

In the Moksha Edmonton Yoga you will walk into a warm, and inviting atmosphere. If you need anything, they have water bottles, yoga mats to buy or rent, protein and energy bars and supplements to add in your water. The Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio also sells yoga mini hand books. The Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio even provides purified water at the taps, it does however only have three showers, and they do not have lockers so make sure you don’t bring nothing too important. The doors are locked during classes, so your personal belonging will be safe inside the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio.

When you walk onto the floor of the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio, it is a large rectangular room with full ceiling to floor windows on two walls, and mirrors the entire length of the room. The ceiling has heat panels, with dimmer lights. The room gets to between 36-39 degrees, depending on the Moksha Edmonton Yoga instructor’s. I would recommend to wear the least amount of clothing that you are comfortable with because it will get HOT. Bring a full length towel, because I made the mistake of not.

Moksha Edmonton Yoga Studio Final Thoughts

Before going to the Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio, be sure to drink lots of water and do not eat anything 2-3 hours before, or you might feel really sick. Another tip before coming to the Moksha Edmonton studio or any hot Yoga studio, don’t wear makeup, unless you like looking like a racoon afterwards. The Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio is something to experience more than once. Do not judge it on your first go, because you really need to give it a good try in order to make a decision. The Moksha Edmonton Yoga studio also provides massages if you are looking for something different.


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