Poses Yoga Pranayama Yoga and strategy to give secret history of its Patents

Poses Yoga Pranayama Yoga and strategy to give secret history of its Patents

Sanskrit word Yoga means union of life and soul. Holding physical life in various postures with conscious mind is called yoga poses or postures. Practicing breathing exercises in different styles with the conscious mind is called Yoga Pranayama. . It was intended to maintain a healthy physical life and mind and the development of social and moral values in terms of human rights. Yoga poses and pranayama has been developed by pious people who lived in caves Himalaya during the origin of the Aryan civilization of the world

It was made verbally by them, until the world’s first language Sanskrit was developed. The world’s first classical literature called the Vedas in Sanskrit gives codified its detailed references. The Upanishads and Puranas – composed by the Aryans in the Vedic and post Vedic gives his description of the details Poses yoga and pranayama yoga.

It is practiced in millions of shapes distorted by big population of billion in India. Different poses and postures of prayer rituals Hindus are based on it. Muslim prayer (Nimaz) posture, very effective prayer focuses on yoga postures. In conclusion yoga postures, pranayama and yoga predates the current major religion, Hinduism, Christianity, Islam,  and Buddhism and Civilization

Recently Swami Ram Dev of http://www.divyayoga.com/ organized ancient yoga postures and yoga pranayama , on a scientific basis and have proved it medicine very effective for many diseases like cancer and others for which allopathic medicine has no answer. With that, he became famous and made more than many million adherents to the yoga pose and pranayama yoga in the world. Swami Ram Dev clams million followers and 100 thousand of its Teacher trained in yoga that works in various parts of the world to its direction.


He created the international academic research of yoga postures , pranayama and yoga and has  more than 10000 experts of yoga and manages many yoga teachers in the yoga sessions. It has the international quality hospital where patients admitted for treatment based on yoga postures and pranayama yoga. His hospital and the university have 5,000 rooms with four star facilities for visitors to stay outside.

This has caused attention to the many people who have been minting money in the name of patented drugs. Result, many applications are filed in the U.S. patent on yoga.
This has angered and alarmed many yoga enthusiasts and yoga teachers in India and is strongly opposed attempts to patent yoga abroad. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued 150 copyrights related to yoga, 134 trademarks on yoga accessories and 2,315 yoga trademarks.

It is strange that the man have to take individual patents to sit in particular posture and breathing in a special way to live his life in good health. It is unthinkable that so-called protector of the rights of man sleeping on it.

Inspired by this, the Indian government has established a working group that is cataloging traditional knowledge, yoga postures and Pranayama yoga to protect against counterfeiting and copyright by foreigners. The data, which will be translated from ancient Sanskrit and Tamil texts, will be stored digitally and be available in five international languages.

If you want the best of yoga or yoga poses and yoga pranayama and how it can be used by you when you’re sitting at your home. What is the best that you can learn to be a yoga teacher from the best university in the world, you do not need to worry, everything is free and reliable, you can call Swami Ram Dev  Trust- nonprofit organization at Haridwar in India at http://www.divyayoga.com/  . You can request a copy of its monthly Magazine, which has more than one million publications and covers all major languages in the world.

Or you can see his yoga poses and yoga Pranyama daily program on TV Astha Channel, which is relayed daily in approximately 137 countries for its many billion followers. On You can downloads free Videos at his sight or call any information that you feel necessary to perform it at home by e-mail.  Why buy pirated Yoga at a higher price, while the original Yoga is available cheaply and with the intention of your care, union of body and soul or cure your chronic illness. I have no personal interest in Swami Ram Dev nonprofit organization. I have my own yoga center for spiritual retreats in meditation, yoga and Pranayama yoga poses called Heavenly Gardens.

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