The Edmonton Yoga Loft Review

The Edmonton Yoga Loft Review

The Edmonton Yoga Loft is one of the best places at an incredible price. You will definitely get what you pay for there. The drop in price is only with a monthly rate of only 0. The monthly rate allows you to go an unlimited number of times which is very nice. Some Yoga studios in Edmonton will limit the number of time you can go, that’s why the Edmonton Yoga Loft is one of the best in the city. If you are a student, you can also get a discounted rate to save you some money. Another big bonus for the Yoga Loft.

The Edmonton Yoga Loft has many excellent instructors like Rameen Peyrow who started his Yoga journey when he was only 15 years old. In 2002 he then opened the doors of the Yoga Loft in Edmonton. Rameen is dedicated to teaching people the experience of Yoga. If you are looking for a great Yoga instructor in Edmonton, the Edmonton Yoga Loft is the place to go.

Edmonton Yoga Loft for Newbies


The Yoga Loft offers great intro classes for new beginners into Yoga. The setting is very nice and comforting, which is important when starting a new Yoga routine. Yoga can be kind of intimidating to new people, but as long as you have a comfortable setting, you will soon get the hang of it. If you would like to register for one of these classes you can do so at the Edmonton Yoga Loft website.

For the more experienced Yoga person, The Edmonton Yoga Loft also has some great advanced classes ranging from beginner levels to more advanced. You will enjoy the wide variety of levels at the Yoga Loft, so you can find the one that is right for you. You can also have private classes if you would like a more in depth learning of the Yoga practice. This is well liked by the people who want to take their Yoga to the next level.

The Edmonton Yoga Loft also offers some great workshops with great instructors. These workshops are designed to enhance your experience with the type of Yoga you are practicing. Rameen has a 5 day intermediate Sattva intensive which will go into the more advanced sequences and deeper meditation. So if you are wanting to take your Sattva to greater depth, this workshop would be perfect for you.

Edmonton Yoga Loft Instructor Classes

For those who are interested in Yoga Teaching, the Edmonton Yoga Loft also offers a 200 hour certified teacher training. This is a six week training that will span over six weekends and then finish with a one week intensive to finish it off. These teacher training will start March 4 2011 and finish August 1 2011. The price for this training is absolutely incredible. It’s one of the lowest prices I have seen anywhere. In order to take part of the teacher training you must fill out an application for and you must have read a list of certain books. These books will only help you with the training that will take place, and you will have a much better understanding. Anyone who is looking into teaching Yoga should really consider this program.

Out of all the Yoga studios in Edmonton, I am sure you will be more than ecstatic with the Edmonton Yoga Loft. Take a couple of drop in classes and see if it fits your needs. The Yoga Loft offers a wide variety whether you are a beginner or intermediate.


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