What is yoga ,yoga is a health care

What is yoga ,yoga is a health care

Yoga is a Indian system for the practice of breathing technique, postures and moral precepts.

The purpose of yoga is to achieve Samadhi (The highest state), which is a form of salvation or redemption for yoga practitioner. The Indian mystic Patanjali defines Yoga Sutras Yoga thus: “Yoga is control of thought waves in the mind.”

Yoga means to “reconcile”And providers have the following philosophies:

In yoga you work to reconcile and create harmony between body and mind.

The physical exercises of yoga or asana as they are called, forces and work with the weak areas in the body. Mon stretch and stretch the shortened muscles and gives strength to the weak. You work both with the body’s large and small muscles in the feet, toes, fingers and hands. The body will automatically return to its natural state. By listening to the movement through breath you become aware of the physical limitations and is therefore not to exert violence on the body: In the so-called asanas, or positions, it seems as if you sit / stand completely still, but there is always a little movement in the body as breath and seek to get right to the body’s natural limitations.

Through continuous practiced by yoga positions even in hard physical yoga performed meditative. And it said that people who regularly yoga can deduct the time they perform yoga from their sleep. Thus they may sleep less.


Yoga can be practiced by all people regardless of age and sex, it does not matter how flexible you are.

And always finish Mon a yoga session with relaxation, a gift to the body, which gives peace of mind.


There are a myriad of yoga styles. They are typically founded by various yoga gurusWho have rediscovered and developed the more than 5000 years old Indian yoga.

Of the more traditional styles in Denmark Ashtanga Yoga, vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga and Yin Yoga probably the most common. Many fitness centers offer yoga lessons, in which different elements of these styles are hand-picked – for example in the form of power yoga which is heavily inspired by Ashtanga yoga.

Breathing Technique

In yoga, work often with different types of breathing techniques called pranayama. The techniques can be both a tool to achieve inner and outer peace and afstressning, and they can make optimal use of lung capacity.

Many athletes supplement their training with these exercises – eg freedivers who need full respiratory control.

For safety, always be exercised under the guidance of a teacher.


Pronounced ‘about’. Said to be the universe’s fundamental tone. Important sound in yoga and is as old as yoga itself. A related sound is the sound `Aum ‘, which is directed more toward the tangible reality than the spiritual.


The place where yoga practice place called Shala. Most places take your shoes off before you go into the Shala.

Criticism of yoga

There have, especially from Christian team – not least Dialogue Centre page – has been criticized by the way, yoga is used and perceived in Denmark. Critics argue that yoga is much more religious and included in Hindu religion than practitioners of yoga will say. These critics will argue that the physical exercises with the extreme postures (asanas) should not be construed as gymnastic exercises designed to strengthen the body, but rather as conscious unnatural postures, whose intention is spiritual – including breaking a kind spiritual lock or blockage of energy – Bandha – and in particular simply by natural-making body so the body can distance themselves from the visible, physical world and instead devote themselves to the religious aspect.


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