Yoga for Kids

Yoga for Kids

Downward Dog for kids? Why not? In a world where parents hardly have any time for their kids or where the kids are bogged down by more homework, it is not a surprise that kids of this decade have more psychosomatic problems than ever before. They are constantly in a rush to go for their classes, come back, go to swim camp followed by a tap class and the finale to the day is doing home work. Where is the time to enjoy their childhood or just sit happily chatting with their parents? It is no surprise that kids of today find it difficult to concentrate, focus or calm down. Stress is something that is associated with elder women and men, but these days, it is common for kids to be under duress too. In such a scenario, if Yoga could come to the rescue of adults, why deprive the kids of this beautiful science and art?

Of course, all the asanas or the poses taught to adults and practiced by elders are not advisable for kids.

Puberty also plays a main role in determining which poses are advisable and which are not suitable. It is essential that a good Yoga teacher teaches the kids because they are still in the developing stage of their mind and body. You do not want to do any wrong exercises and hamper the growth. Yoga is an amalgamation of mind, body and soul. It helps you breathe in a systematic way so that intake of oxygen is at its highest, which in turn helps the kids to grow in a proper and healthy way! The instructor needs to teach the children proper way to do these Yogic exercises.
Breathing technique – it is essential for the children to start yoga by first calming down their nerves. They lead such hectic lives that taking deep breathes, help in calming their harrowed nerves
Tree pose – it is fun pose for the kids because it is all about balancing on one leg. They not just enjoy doing this but is very helpful for their growing bodies
Downward facing dog – it is great exercise to develop their limbs and strengthen their bones. This is the right age to strengthen tissues and muscles.
Candle pose – it is a great and fun exercise where the kid has to do an upside down position. Regulates blood flow

These are few basic poses advisable for children but there are many more. It is best left to the discretion of the teacher or the instructor because he knows the kids the best! It might be the smartest thing as parents to enroll your bundle of joy in Yoga class especially for kids. Knowing how to relax in this day and age is a boon in itself!


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