Yoga For Men – Who Says Yoga Is Only For Women?

Yoga For Men – Who Says Yoga Is Only For Women?

Traditional yoga classes and books seem to have a myth surrounding them that the exercises are only for women. Men typically enjoy more rugged forms of exercising such as weightlifting or sports like mountain bike riding. However, the benefits of yoga are not gender exclusive. Yoga for men can help in a lot of different ways that may be surprising to a lot of guys.

Some of the most common injuries among full time athletes and the weekend warrior types are hamstring pulls, hip pains, and shoulder dislocations. The cause of these injuries is usually over use. Men perform the exact movement repeatedly in their exercise or sport of choice. This constant wear and tear causes stress on the muscle and joints which results in injury.

The exercises incorporated in yoga for men improve flexibility across the whole body. Focusing on the parts of the body that are normally stiff, such as the hips and shoulders, will enhance the strength in those areas and reduce the chance for injury.

It does not require a huge time commitment to see good results from yoga for men. Most men can follow some basic instructions from a book or online tutorial that can explain certain poses for their situation. By putting together a yoga sequence and following the outlines for proper breathing and relaxing, men should be able to gain strength and flexibility that will greatly improve their game performance.

For example, look at a fellow that plays a pick-up game of basketball with his buddies a couple of times per week. The legs, hips, and lower back and used a lot in moving around the court throughout the game. The shoulders are also in use whenever a shot is attempted. By following yoga for men routine a guy could see noticeable improvement in his overall flexibility and strength. This full body improvement would not only make him more competitive in the basketball game but the game would also be more enjoyable.

Yoga for men is a proven way to improve overall health and strengthen the joints that typically plague men as they get older.

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