Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver, Yoga Teachers Training in Vancouver, Yoga Classes in Vancouver

Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver, Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver, Yoga Teachers Training in Vancouver, Yoga Classes in Vancouver

Divine Light is a professional organization of practicing Yoga and gives a deeper understanding of yoga. We promote the values and benefits of yoga for training, exercise, relaxation and as a spiritual path, and to support teaching yoga as a profession. You will find information about yoga retreats, yoga asana, yoga studio, yoga teachers, teacher trainings, yoga products and services, and more.

Divine light is the Yoga Studio for yoga teachers and Yoga Students from all traditions and styles of yoga. Whether you are a yoga practitioner looking for a teacher, or a yoga teacher looking for registration, representation and networking, Divine Light is the leader in the yoga community and our Yoga instructors in Vancouver teaching and promoting the many holistic benefits of yoga and meditation.

Our Yoga instructors in Vancouver say Yoga is not a religion, it fits with any lifestyle, and in fact yoga is one of the most valuable tools you can learn. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver will improve your lifestyle. Divine Light gives you Certified Yoga Teachers Training Vancouver. At divine Light, individual teachers’ and practitioners’ personalities can shine.


Yoga Classes in Vancouver provides the necessary structure, motivating and encouraging all levels of students, while additional opportunities are made available to those who are ready for more. Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program is running for many reasons like some people are hoping to  launch full-time careers in the yoga field, some do it for personal growth, while others enroll to enhance their abilities to give the gifts of yoga to their family, friends, and to under-served communities that would benefit from yoga classes.

Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program is for those who are interested in starting yoga either for the first time or in a more serious manner. We use over a hundred different poses to challenge, strengthen and open your entire body and every class is different so that you get the maximum physical benefit from each class. All the poses can be modified or intensified depending on your strengths and weaknesses. In Divine Light all the physical poses represent the challenges you face throughout your day and besides getting us in great shape they remind us that we can use the challenges we face every day.

Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver program has greatest hope is that the teachings, principles, and philosophies of Divine Light will be passed down to benefit for generations to come because yoga is a personal journey and you have to find something that resonates with you.

Yoga Teacher Training Vancouver offered by Registered Senior Yoga Teacher Nakul Kapur and courses are 200, 300 & 500 Hour Advance Yoga Teacher Training Program. For more detail, visit our website Divine Light


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