5 Ways to Detox Naturally – Things You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

5 Ways to Detox Naturally – Things You Can Do in the Comfort of Your Own Home!

We are all guilty at some point of not looking after our bodies accurately, not eating the right type of foods, not getting any exercise, consuming too much alcohol, especially during special occasions or events. It doesn’t do any harm short term but over the long term it can have a detrimental effect to our health. But there are five ways in which you can help to detox your body naturally and safely without any hung over major changes.

1. Don’t drink Coffee or Booze and here is the reason why

Because coffee contains an “overdosed” amount of caffeine, it is not believed to be the healthiest beverage on the planet. People who consume an often amount of coffee on a average regular basis can end up with heart palpitations issues,jitters, insomnia, extreme dehydration and withdrawal symptoms as your body becomes addicted to the caffeine, which is considered legal and authorized as safe is still a drug. Booze or alcohol, with the exception of red wine has no benefits to health whatsoever. Not only can it cause liver failure in worst case but also people who drink heavily on an average basis may suffer yellowing of the eyes, puffiness of the skin,very brittle nails, thinning or hair and more serious issues such as throat and mouth cancer.

2. Don’t eat processed foods and meats for a reason

Processed foods and meats contains a lot of trans-insomer fats, the worst kind of fats because they increase the “bad cholesterol” levels in our blood. Once bad cholesterol levels gets accumulated in our body system it can lead to blocking and thickening of the arteries. This leads to an obstructed blood flow and can affect our blood pressure. If this is not rectified or treated, in time the artery which carries blood to the heart can become clogged which can lead to heart attack or heart failure. A lot of processed foods, meats and convenience meals contains a terrifying amount of sodium. Our bodies do need some sodium but as we are capable of producing our own, too much additional sodium can lead to high blood pressure.

3. Do break a sweat to get your desired results

Getting active and regular physical exercise is a must. One of the most popular benefits of exercise is the depletion of body fat and keeping your heart healthy, but exercise is also perfect for detoxifying your whole body system. It contributes to increased blood and lymph circulations. Your blood and lymphatic fluids give essential nutrients to cells and help to remove metabolic waste. Increased circulation is another benefit to exercise and will improve the health of your cells. As mentioned earlier about body fat, because exercise helps to shed fatty tissues the toxins contained in the fat are eradicated so reducing the amount of fat that is stored in your body.

4. Do Yoga and feel the amazing effect

Yoga is an excellent form of detoxification exercise needed for the body system. Because you are stretching and opening more or less every part of the body including major joints, the waste removal departments of the body function at their peak. It helps to facilitate the removal of harmful waste by-products such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from the deep tissues and extremities of the body system. Yoga also provides a mental detox as it is very calming; a build up of stress in our everyday lives can create illness and a calmer state of mind means a healthy body.

5. Do experiment with detoxifying pills such as Ultimate Maqui Berry

If the idea of the above does not appeal to you, there is another alternative. For a more simplistic approach to detox naturally you can fabble with detoxifying pills and the one you should be experimenting with is Ultimate Maqui Berry. It is a powerful, totally natural and pure supplement utilising the potent superfood Maqui Berry that originates from Chile a strong berry that can clean the human body with ease. Taking just one supplement a day can provide you with essential antioxidants your body needs for an ultimate detox, it helps slow down the process of aging, significantly improves skin, hair and nails, suppresses your appetite and help you lose weight and more! You will not just help your body in its most needed state but you will bring the recommended needs to your body to help it from the years and years of distortion and years of all that unnatural poison that has entered your body but never left. All this thanks to a little berry.

Think of the powerful effects a little berry can do for your body and how powerful the body will feel after every last inch of poison and toxins have left the body.


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