Exercise, Pilates and Calories Burned

Exercise, Pilates and Calories Burned

The most effective way to lose weight, regardless of the diet that you are using is to limit or control caloric intake, which is food energy into the body, while increasing the amount of energy used. Eating foods that are high in fibre and protein and lower in carbohydrates makes your body work harder and more effectively in processing the energy in the body. This will help in revving up your metabolism and also in slowing down digestion and helping you feel fuller for longer after a meal.

While making digestion and glucose absorption a bit tougher on the digestive tract will help regulate blood glucose and eating fewer carbs will do the same, the one sure way to increase your weight loss is to burn more calories which prevents that energy source from being stored as fat on the body.

Many people don’t enjoy going to the gym, sweating it out in an aerobic class or lifting weights on a daily basis. For those that want a different type of exercise program Pilates may be just the thing. The benefits of using this exercise system are well documented. Pilates and calories burned go hand in hand, creating a win-win situation for anyone trying to lose weight. The payoff to using this system of control, concentration, energy and breathing is a leaner, more toned individual with more lean muscle that, in turn burns more calories. Pilates, calories burned and increased self-esteem are a natural combination.

What Are Pilates?

Pilates, calorie burning and exercise are all combined in a relatively simple exercise program that can be done with minimal equipment. The basic Pilates require just a mat, which is used to provide comfort when doing the stretching and resistance exercise that are used to strengthen the core muscles, which are the large muscle groups that extend through the centre of the body. Other equipment requirements are large exercise balls, weight balls for upper and lower body strength and resistance bands.

The Major Components of Pilates

Pilates has several similarities to yoga in that the individual uses concentration, control, and centres themselves to use the large core muscles with each movement. The movement of the limbs from one position to the other combined with the precision of where the body is moving is foremost in the effectiveness of this exercise system. Breathing, which includes controlled and focused inhaling and exhaling is seen as essential in directing energy in the body as well as controlling respiration and ultimately metabolic activity.

As Pilates focuses in on large muscle group stretching, strengthening and control is an excellent source of caloric expenditure. Pilates, calories burned and exercise times is comparable to that of other types of core training programs but with a more comprehensive and holistic view of exercise, body toning and the development of a strong body and core.

The great news is that Pilates are a do anywhere exercise. You can find classes, get books, CDs or DVDs or even find free online resources that list information about Pilates, calories burned counters and specific exercises to target areas of the body you want to tone and strengthen.

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