Keeping Fit and Eating the Angelina Jolie Style

Keeping Fit and Eating the Angelina Jolie Style

Angelina Jolie has one of the hottest bodies in Town. The star of movies like Tomb Raider, Mr & Mrs Smith and Beowolf to name a few has a wicked toned body. How does she do it? Here are her secrets:

1) Lose weight by gaining lean muscles. How does she do it?

- Kickboxing. This activity helps her burn fat and also tones her already hot body. This is because kickboxing is very highly intensive. - Diving. I wouldn’t mind going diving with Miss Jolie. The fantabulous thing about water related events is that it gives you that extra resistance letting you burn more fat but it is very low impact. Very suitable starting point for heavy people (of course please consult your Dr to see if you are fit for these things). - Street fighting + weapons. Use weapons in your workout and you will improve your balance as well. Weapons which usually weigh 4-7kgs work your inner muscles as well. - Yoga. I can’t seem to do yoga but I don’t mind seeing her do it. - Climbing. This is one vigorous tiring activity. You will work every limb in your body when climbing. A very good exercise but not everybody has access to this and not everyone is a fan either.

2) Resistance workout. Among the few things she does:

- Step up and shoulder presses. - Lunges and bicep curls. - Clean, squad and press. - Pull ups.

3) 6 meals a day diet (3 hours between meals). The diet is a high protein low carbohydrate diet. The 6 meal a day diet also consists of steam vegetables, fruits and a lot of water.

Fitfully Yours: We like Angelina Jolie’s diet. We think it can work. In modern society, we may not have the time to do all her workout activities but surely we could choose one every day and give it a go. We love her diet… eating every 3 hours once.

Fitfullyours Ratings on Angelina Jolie’s workout and diet plan: 9/10.

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