Looking For Weightloss? – Then Get Some Sleep!

Looking For Weightloss? – Then Get Some Sleep!

Article by Diane Palmer

Want to lose weight? Looking for weightloss? Looking for some cheap tools to help you with your weightloss goals?. Then get some sleep!

We are all busy these days, and our “to do” lists just keep getting longer. Between careers, kids, practice, house, partners and more… it is no wonder we don’t fall asleep right away, or worse yet, go to bed so late, we are asleep before our head hits the pillow.

That morning alarm seems to be going off sooner and sooner, and then we are grabbing strong cups of coffee to get through our day. But if you are trying to lose weight, this can be a deadly combination.

Studies have shown, that when our bodies don’t get the sleep they need, especially the deep restorative sleep, then our bodies will sabotage our diets, and create cravings for carbs, especially the simple carbs, such as sugar and white flour products such as donuts, as well a coffee with all the fixings to find alternate sources of energy to help wake up!

We then gain weight, and it becomes a cycle. When trying to achieve healthy weightloss, food and exercise are not the only part of your life you need to change. If you don’t get enough sleep then you body does not get the chance to repair itself overnight, and it won’t matter how many salads you eat, you are just not going to feel good, and you will feel constantly hungry as your body craves energy to stay alert.

If you don’t think you can suddenly change your bedtime, then why not do it gradually? Try turning in about 15 minutes earlier a week, and see if you fall asleep. If you don’t, then you need to try and practice some relaxation before bed. Turn off the TV, make sure you do not do work in your bedroom, and don’t watch TV in bed. Try a warm bath, or put lavender on your pillow, or even yoga.

But try something to get relaxed, then add another 15 minutes the next week of bedtime. You will notice a difference in how you feel with even just an extra 1/2 hour. But try and aim for 7 – 8 hours of sleep a night, and try to keep a similar schedule on the weekend, or Sunday night will be a hard night to get to sleep early.

Once you are getting the extra sleep you need, then you will find it is much easier to stay on track with your weightloss goals. If you also incorporate exercise into your day, this will help you fall asleep quicker at night. So, try going for a walk after dinner, and get some fresh air.. your body will be happier!

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