Result Oriented Weight-loss Regime

Result Oriented Weight-loss Regime
all over the world are now searching for a safe, natural and effective
way to lose their weight along with their pot bellies . The concern is
that the fat which is presently stored in the body should be consumed
in a natural way leading to shedding of body weight . Then the question
arises as to why weight loss is necessary? This is primarily because by
nature human beings want to show them off as slim and
handsome/beautiful gentlemen/ladies. This necessitates that one should
not be fatty enough to be called as a fatty man/woman. Then question
comes how one should check its weight? The prompt answer comes as
dieting. As a part of dieting process, juicing obviously comes forth.
Juicing is delicious and it provides creative solution to help one’s
weight loss goals. Juicing is an incredible way to increase body’s
energy and vitality. It adds valuable micro-nutrients including all the
major enzymes, vitamins and minerals with a lot of health benefits
necessary for optimal vitality and functioning of body systems and also a
healthy immune system. Though juicing adds a minimal calorie yet it
never adds any dietary fat.

Virtually everybody knows the side effect of modern-day drugs and hence
prefers to avoid taking any appetite suppressant drugs. In its place one
prefers using fresh vegetable juice to contain ones craving for
food. So, next time when you want to check your hunger, just take a
glass of fresh juice before your main meal and experience rapidly
reducing hunger.

Vegetables when cooked lose 30 to 85% of the nutrition that are present
at its raw state. Cooking also destroys enzymes that are essential in
metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Nutrients available in carrots
such as vitamin B, C, D, E, K, beta-carotene stimulate the adrenal
glands to burn the fat.

Modern day food habit of taking too many processed/junk foods result in
acidity. Too much of acidity facilitates gain in weight of the body.
Further, storage of acid in fat cells further damages other prime
functional parts of the body. Juicing plays an important role in
reducing acidity in one’s body. Many of the fruit and vegetable juices
(Particularly Vegetables, leafy greens and grasses) counteract acidity
through their alkalizing effects. This process helps in maintaining pH
balance of the body by melting away fats. Fat cells often contain toxic
substances that enter the body from the foods we eat and the environment
and such melting away process saves the body from harmful effects of
toxins by removing them from the body/ cell.

Such toxins are mainly driven away from the body system by the
antioxidants and other nutrients that juices contain. Thus juices
facilitate in maintaining aforesaid pH balance of the body by removing
excess weight and cellulite from it. In the end let us talk about some
tips that can certainly help you in your weight loss regimen in reducing
at least 10 pounds.

1) You should take 6-8 glasses of water a day. This apart
you must take a large glass of water before a meal that will certainly
help you to prevent from over-eating.

2) One should consume apple cider vinegar because it has got
weight-loss properties. This apart it also helps to lower cholesterol.
As it is difficult to take apple cider vinegar in a straight way, one
should take it by mixing up with low-fat juice or tea. It is also
available in gel capsule form and can be taken conveniently.

3) One should always take low-fat protein meal and take this an hour before your main meals. This will enable you to feel fuller and it will reduce your main meal intake.

I sincerely desire to help people who want better health. I am a
nutritionist. I am a regular health columnist. I write on health and
nutrition several years. If you want to enjoy a glass of
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