Typical Weight-loss Myths

Typical Weight-loss Myths

Because there is a great deal of public interest and opinions on weight loss, it is not easy to distinguish truth from myth, especially when theories frequently oppose each other. Lets investigate the best known myths connected with weight loss.
Eating in the evening will make you fat.
This is not true, having extra calories will make you fat. Your body burns calories constantly, this wont stop in the evening, but the the calorie burn rate could be a lesser amount.
If you dont exercise, you will become overweight
Extra calories cause weight gain. Just exercise will not produce weight loss. It will only help to burn these surplus calories. If you stay within the correct calorie range, you will not get fatter, regardless of whether you exercise or not.

Your metabolism slows down as you age
This is not true. Age is associated with a slower metabolism due to the fact that men and women commonly lose muscle tissue as advance in age, which slows the metabolism. There there is no suggestion that your rate of metabolism will decline if you keep a sufficient muscle mass through exercise that helps muscle growth, such as strength training.
Carbohydrates are bad for you.
It is thought that carbs are bad for you. This has misconception has been encouraged by weight loss plans including the Atkins Diet. The when in truth, complex carbohydrates will successfully fuel your body and ensure you are left feeling fuller for a longer amount of time. Carbs will only further an increase in weight when you consume them in a large quantities. This applies other food groups such as proteins and fats.
Low fat foods contain fewer calories.
Disappointingly, low fat will not guarantee low calorie. Usually, low fat foods have extra fat, starch and salt added to get a better texture and flavour. Adding these ingredients can mean a lot more calories are added to the item. This could mean that the low fat product you select could possibly be just as calorie laden as the non low fat option.
Skipping meals can help with weight loss
Another unsubstantiated myth. Missing meals could cause you to be even famished by the time you do eat, increasing the possibility of eating too much and may reduce the speed of your metabolic rate as your body will strive to conserve fat and burn less energy
If you want to lose weight, you have to cut out deserts, snacks and treats
Everyone knows that sweets, and deserts have a larger amount of calories, but banning the foods you crave entirely can actually be bad news for your weight loss plan . When you deny your body of everything you enjoy, you probably going to give up and binge, perhaps eating a great deal more than if you had decided to permitted yourself have a tiny portion. A tiny piece will curb cravings and will not do any harm.

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This routine is short but yet effective for those who have limited time in the mornings or evenings. Try to do it 5 times a week, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Please note that as we are all different, therefore each of us has different body shapes. The aim for this routine is to maintain a healthy weight, and feel good about ourselves inside out. Modern life can be stressful and sometimes it is hard to find time to relax. It would be a good idea to start the day with some positive thoughts and keep on smiling :-) Start with: Inhale exhale palms together Inhale, stretch your arms up Exhale fold 1. Hold at the plank position for a bit longer, it is very good for strengthening the abdominal muscles and toing up the whole body. 2. Inhale Cobra 3. Exhale Downward Dog 4. Now inhale and try to lift your leg up to the downward dog splits. 5. Lower the forearms down on the floor, this is good for toning the arms 6. The tiger pose: Inhale while stretching the leg backward. 7. Exhale while swinging the knee to the chest. This pose reduces the weight from the hips and tights. 8. Rest in child pose for a moment 9. The Locust: It strengthens and tones the abdomen, lower back and legs. Inhale one leg up and use the other foot to support. Breathe deeply. Exhale Lower, then repeat on the other side. 10. Inhale both legs up, breathe deeply 11. Now we start the sun salutation again 12. Hold at the warrior pose for few deep breaths. Repeat the other side. 13. Hold
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