Weight Loss Retreat for hCG Regimen– It Works, But Only With Diet and Exercise!

Weight Loss Retreat for hCG Regimen– It Works, But Only With Diet and Exercise!

Article by Debra Stefan

Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) is a hormone-like substance that occurs naturally in pregnant women. Available only when prescribed by a physician; it is administered by daily injection and is combined with a very low-calorie diet to promote fat loss. To be completely effective, hCG injections have to be combined with a very strict and specific food plan, consuming a very low-calorie diet of approximately 500 calories daily. Read through the following weight loss guidelines and ask yourself if this is something you could stick to on your own at home while maintaining your usual lifestyle!Due to the fact the hCG is not FDA approved as a weight loss drug, it is being used ?off label? by weightloss physicians who promote it to their patients with this understanding and without guarantee. Unless your physician is a weight loss doctor selling the drug, you will not be able to obtain a script from him. Generally, the only physicians prescribing hCG are also selling it. A basic physical exam and blood test is required for the physician to prescribe hCG. The hCG protocol does work for some patients who can adhere to the strict regimen required on the weight loss program. Many patients invest in the costly shots only to find that they simply cannot maintain their day job, daily responsibilities and family commitments while doing the program. This is a classic case for a weight loss retreat like the one Kevin Trudeau attended in Europe when he discovered hCG, then wrote his best seller, ?The Weight Loss Cure?. Read through the following weight loss guidelines and ask yourself if this is something you could stick to on your own at home while maintaining your usual lifestyle!What to drink:1. Water: Drink one large glass of water immediately upon rising and one half to 1 gallon throughout the day. Spring water is best, followed by filtered water. 2. Raw organic Apple Cider Vinegar: Take one tablespoon three times a day to stimulate metabolism and cleanse the internal organs. 3. Green Tea: Drinking a minimum of 1 cup per day cleans the cells, increases metabolism and regulates hunger.4. Organic Yerba Mate Tea: Drinking at least 1 cup per day increases energy and reduces appetite.5. Chamomile tea: One cup of organic chamomile tea every day reduces stress and helps relax the body.What to avoid:1. No Trans Fats: Hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oil must be avoided.Shop at stores like Whole Foods, Wild Oats or Trader Joe?s.2. No high Fructose Corn Syrup: Corn syrup, sucrose, dextrose or malto dextrose should be avoided.3. No Artificial Sweeteners: Any food that has NutraSweet, Splenda, aspartame, sucrolos or saccharin should be avoided. 4. No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG): This is an excitotoxin which affects the hypothalamus, makes you fat and leads to depression. Avoid it.5. No Nitrites: These cause hormonal imbalances and lead to allergies, food cravings and weight gain. 6. No farm raised fish: Fish grown in farms contain chemicals and poisons that lead to hormonal imbalances. Do not eat them.7. No microwaving.8. No fast food: Fast food is rich in processed sugars, MSG, nitrates, artificial sweeteners, growth hormones, antibiotics and drugs. They overtax the hypothalamus and make you fat. 9. No lotions or creams: Poisonous chemicals on the skin can enter the bloodstream and adversely affect the organs and glands. Avoid them. 10. No drugs: All nonprescription, over-the-counter and prescription drugs and medications lead to weight gain and obesity. Stop using them. NOTE: It is recommended that you stop using all prescription drugs only after consulting with your doctor. Dos and Don?ts:Along with what you can and must not eat, there are certain behavioral changes that initiate and accelerate the process of weight loss. Ø Eat 100% organic food.Ø Eat only organic meat and dairy.Ø Eat salad with lunch and dinner: Include lettuce, onions, radishes, cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, carrots, celery, herbs, fresh lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, raw organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt and hot peppers. Ø Eat six times a day: Eat a minimum of two organic apples and two organic grapefruits daily as snacks in between meals. Eat six times a day even if you are not hungry during this phase as this helps in normalizing hunger and increasing metabolism. Ø Eat dinner before 6 p.m.Ø Eat protein before bed: Eat 100 grams of organic beef, veal, chicken, and turkey or fish right before bedtime. Ø Limit carbonated drinks.Ø Limit ice cold drinks.Ø Infrared Saunas: Sweating in a sauna releases accumulated toxins, increases metabolism and thus stimulates the release of fat cells. Sweating for 20 minutes a day is highly beneficial.Ø Get sun: Do not use any lotions, sunscreens or sunglasses.Ø Get some sleep: Ideally, you should go to bed at 10 p.m. and arise at 6 a.m.Ø Eat a large breakfast consisting of organic eggs from cage-free chicken, organic rye toast, organic raw butter, organic asparagus, organic tomatoes, organic beef, chicken or turkey. Use organic fruits and vegetables. A large breakfast is recommended. Ø Rebound: Gently jumping on the rebounder stimulates the lymphatic system, increases muscle strength and flexibility, oxygen aids the blood and improve circulation. 5 to 10 minutes, once or twice a day is recommended. Ø Massage: Get as many massages as possible. Vary the type of massage to increase the benefits you derive.Ø Do some Yoga.Ø Use a shower filterØ Use an electromagnetic chaos eliminator: This device neutralizes the harmful electromagnetic frequencies emitted by radio, TV, cell phones, wireless devices and other electronic products. Ø Reduce Air-Conditioning.Ø Breathe deeply for 10 minutes twice a day. Ø Reduced exposure to fluorescent lights.Ø Add more fiber to your food. Some of the best blends include organic flax seed, oat bran and acacia.Ø Listen to de-stressing CDs.Ø Lift weights to increase muscle mass and to look younger.Potential weight loss expected: one pound a day.Note: This phase must be carried out under the supervision of a licensed health care practitioner.Okay, so there you have it summed up nicely without having to invest in the book. If you believe that you can adhere to this strict regimen and that all you need is shots to do so, then I ask you this:Don?t you think that you can achieve weight loss simply by following the protocol without taking shots? Extreme calorie deprivation causes weight loss all right, but so does illness. Safe, sensible weight loss includes proper nutrition and exercise. Determine whether or not you could live that way as a lifestyle. If an eating strategy and exercise regimen are safe and effective, you can learn to live that way. Consider a weight loss retreat where you can receive full-time guidance and supervision without risky injections.

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Debra Stefan is the founder and director of “Live-In-Fitness” residential services in the Las Vegas area of Henderson, Nevada for weight-loss guests with 30-90 day programs enabling behavioral change for a fit lifestyle. She is the first to offer a residential fitness and weight loss “Biggest Loser” style program outside of the institutional format. Debra is a fitness speaker/educator, certified in Personal Fitness Training, Youth Fitness, Senior Fitness, and Golf Fitness. Today she has 37 years of professional involvement in the fitness industry and continues education to stay current with the ever-evolving industry. She is a true veteran fitness professional. Debra Stefan, CFT Founder and Director of Live-In-Fitness http://www.Live-In-Fitness.com http://www.DebraStefan.com YouTube Channel “VegasFitness1″

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