After attending the yoga classes at Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto

After attending the yoga classes at Tula Yoga Spa in Toronto

t is no secret that practicing yoga provides great benefits to improving your overall quality of life as well as increasing your fitness and sport performance. Through our large selection of yoga classes, such as Hot Hatha Yoga, Hot Power Flow Yoga and Fusion, we help our students fulfill both their immediate and long term aspirations for health and special achievements.

Melissa, who has been practicing a combination of Hot Hatha, Hot Power Flow and Fusion yoga classes here at Tula Central for over a year, has an amazing experience to share with us (you can also read it in our Testimonials section). After finishing the program, she left for a trip to Africa as a volunteer. Practicing yoga for a year prepared her for achieving many challenges, including climbing one of the highest mountains in the world, Mount Kilimajaro. Isn’t that something worth sharing with people ? Well, as Melissa said to us, the yoga classes she took at Tula also taught her how to unite her mind and body, which was instrumental in achieving such a big challenge.

Benefits of our Yoga classes
Although many people attend yoga classes just for the exercise benefits, they soon discover that yoga helps them in many more ways that initially imagined. Very soon they will experience a more relaxed body, improved sleep quality and more energy available for the daily activities. Our yoga classes will help you relieve the stress in your body but also teach you how to use your mind and body in a unified way. We are aware that everybody is different so we are trying to offer a variety of different types of yoga classes, only to ensure that you will find the ones that best meet your needs.

The great thing is that so many of our yoga classes can be practiced safely at any level of fitness and one can still reap excellent health benefits. Even those suffering from injuries or experiencing other concerns can practice safely our yoga classes and notice improvement in their general health. If you are experiencing any health issues or injuries please advise the instructor prior to each class you attend so they are able to monitor and assist you in getting the most out of your work-out.

Give us a call Today! At Tula we are always prepared to help you achieve a balanced physical and spiritual well-being!

Melissa is a reputed name in the field of Yoga in Canada. She has a vast acumen and experience in Hatha yoga, Teacher training yoga, and Microdermabrasion services.

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