Prenatal Yoga – A Must Read For Every Pregnant Woman

Yoga for Pregnant
Image by julietteculver Saturday morning, I went to a yoga class for pregnant women which was good and then had lunch in the garden with Jon before it got ridiculously hot in the afternoon.


Prenatal Yoga – A Must Read For Every Pregnant Woman

Prenatal yoga is practiced in the hospitals, clinics, yoga studios and many other natural health centers. This yoga helps the pregnant woman to cope up with the series of hormonal changes and weight gain. Prenatal yoga also reduces common problems that occur due to pregnancy and help in overcoming the aches. Prenatal yoga can be done in 2 sessions per week consisting of 30 minutes per session. Here are some of the tips for the successful yoga practice.

• Aqua yoga is an excellent way to relax the body and joint muscles. They relax body muscles and increase the flexibility of the pelvic muscles. This prepares pregnant women for the child delivery.

• Usage of chairs and cushions are encouraged. It is always good to use the yoga accessories to accelerate the benefits.

• Do not over stretch and know your limits while practicing.

• A good DVD or video disc is enough if you have the basics. The fundamentals of yoga must be learnt properly in a center and practicing can be done at home. It is not safe to do everything at home as it involves risks.

Yoga mats are excellent accessories. Poses must be followed. This will give much comfort while practicing.

• The priority while meditating is given to the degree of comfort in doing yoga. So change the poses accordingly.

• Prenatal yoga adds strength to the back muscles, buttocks, thighs and abdominal muscles. The pelvis must be maintained in the right position.

• Water should be at chest level for doing aqua yoga. Props like foam noodles and floats can be used.

All these tips help in preparing the mom for the natural child birth and help them to stay healthy.

If you are looking for more information then feel free to visit Prenatal Yoga Benefits and Prenatal Yoga.

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